With an array of seasonal and specialty options, Opia Dining Destination provide bespoke catering services strive to meet every need, and are thrilled at the opportunity to impress. Whether you choose an intimate family reception, a sophisticated cocktail buffet, a grand banquet or your own unique event, our team will work with you and your wedding professional throughout the catering process, from planning to execution.


Renowned for its ground-breaking culinary scene, Bali’s Jimbaran region is celebrated for it’s vibrant seafood and fresh produce that stock the shelves of local markets around the areas. Our talented and versatile catering team capitalises on these riches to offer exciting menus that feature products that reimagines, Asian, Italian or French dining menus.


Celebrate your union with every sip by creating a signature cocktail for your wedding. Let us design a drink based on unique details about you, the bride and groom – where you live, where you were engaged, your favourite flavours and colours or other personal details.


Our exclusive cake designers will work with you to select a cake flavour and filling that pleases your palate and impresses your guests. You may choose from an extensive menu of popular cakes, or let us create a customised cake that complements your wedding theme or incorporates your choice of personal elements.

Additional dessert options include macarons, active dessert stations, mini-dessert buffets and midnight snack tables.